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1) 360° 4001141-b   [+]

Gem (gsi, 4001141-b)
Fancy , Fancy Yellow
2) 360° Cushion   [+]

Gem (gsi, Cushion)
Brilliant , I
3) 360° PLeo   [+]

Gem (gsi, PLeo)
Brilliant , G
4) 360° PR   [+]

Gem (gsi, PR)
5) 360° R12   [+]

Gem (gsi, R12)
Brilliant , H
6) 360° RLeo2   [+]

Gem (gsi, RLeo2)
7) 360° RLeo   [+]

Gem (gsi, RLeo)
Fancy , Fancy Grey
8) 360° R   [+]

Gem (gsi, R)

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